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I have visited so many supermarkets recently and have found the fresh fruit and vegetables to be of a very poor quality. In three Sainsburys in the same week, I found rotten onions on sale, rotting lettuce etc. I love fresh fruit, but have been put off buying it because it is just not fresh. Not only does it look unappealing, it also tastes horrible. Some supermarkets put their produce in cold storage, so that the fruit never ripens. What are your views about the state of fresh vegetables in the supermarkets these days? Can anyone suggest an alternative (apart from growing your own) to buying fruit and veg from supermarkets? I have heard of organic boxes, but not sure whether they are actually worth it or not. Markets are also another option but sometimes they give you the rubbish from the back!Hello Izzy I know what you mean. You pay for something that has either gone off is just about to. I think that the little shops that sell fruit is a lot fresher. I also think that most of the super markets buy in bulk so there is no way it can be as fresh. We are lucky here in N.Ireland because there is a little fruit shop near me that is just lovely so fresh. I think that the people where to stop buying the fruit in the supermarkets then they might get the message. Summer (Summer)

We are not impressed by the state of the fruit and veg either a lot of the time. Says a lot for going " Good Life" doesn't it?! (James)

Hi Izzy, I really hear you on the supermarket fruit and veg theme! I have researched this and discovered some of the awful things that is done to our food. Now we grow what we can, use a box scheme (yes, they are worth their weight in gold if you find a good one - does Riverford Organics deliver in your area?), visit farmer's markets, patronise our local village shops, get friendly with local farmers, use farm shops, use PYO during season and we *never* buy anything in a pillow pack - you know the stuff? Bags of appealing looking prepared salads - remember, beauty is only skin deep..... You might baulk at the idea of buying organic, or having to travle further to find good food, but you'll find that you'll need to eat less of better quality food. Good luck in your quest for wholesome food, it is out there just waiting for you to find it. wingsoflove x (wingsoflove)

Hi everyone, I've found out that we can have an organic box delivered, but better than that I've found a local farm shop and once a month there is a farm produce market in my town :) We've just moved here. So, I'm looking forward to apples that taste like apples, rather than powdery dry things that have been stored somewhere for a year. I hope everyone can also find a good supply of quality fruit and veg. I think that if more people stop buying the rubbish in supermarkets, then perhaps they will think about selling something worth eating. Kim (Izzy)

[quote:5fd1225a81="Izzy"]I've found out that we can have an organic box delivered, but better than that I've found a local farm shop and once a month there is a farm produce market in my town [/quote:5fd1225a81] That's fabulous news Izzy; I hope you find lots of lovely things to eat at your farm shop - your body-mind will *love* you for it! wingsoflove (wingsoflove)


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