FAO Charles

Would it be OK for me to give link for this site to ladies on another site I am member of? It is for women going through the Early Menopause and lots of them on their would benefit I am sure from this forum and from your CD's - might encourage a few sales!!!Of course Purple the more the merrier. Spread the word. I was actually contacted by a charitiy dealing with women going through the Menopause to create a hypnosis CD for them. Warm regards Charles (charles vald)

OOH! That is interesting - do you still do that one then? Is it open for all to buy or was it exclusively for them? (Purple)

As I am sure you are aware the problem was trying to be specific enough as it effects different people in different ways a CD was alas as yet never produced. (charles vald)

Ah, yes, that is so true! Shame you haven't produced one but I understand how it is not an easy task - the menopause does have many many aspects to it, as I have found out! :lol: (Purple)


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