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On the websites there are people selling music that is somehow suppose to unlock dormant DNA sequences. Music has a lot of healing properties but being able to alter your DNA molecules is impossible. In fact if the music did what it said it can do, it would have some very strange side effects. A lot of the dormant DNA we have is junk or comes from our past. So if it really did get activated we might find ourselves Turning very hairy all over our body. Gaining extra appendages. Changing colour to a nice shade of Green. DNA music is one to avoid unless you like the music itself.Hi Charles I am sitting here having a great laugh at the thought of someone thinking that we can change our DNA. But the bit that made me really laugh was the thought of being all hairy lol. Thanks for laugh Some people come up with aload of you know what lol Summer (Summer)

It might turn my grey hair black again or for that matter, maybe blue. (charles vald)

Now my first thought was the Jolly Green Giant - remember him? From the sweetcorn ads?!!! The there is The Hulk of course - has he been listening to these CD's? :lol: Seriously though it is quite concerning the stuff some people come up with and it is just taking advantage of others which makes me very angry :evil: It will more likely be those who are most vulnerable and in need of help also that will take up the purchase of these items :cry: (Purple)

Charles, you must have heard of some hypnotherapists out there doing this with hypnosis. I saw where there was a presenter at the NGH on just this topic a couple of years ago. I know we have someone in this area who claims to unlock DNA with crystals. I'm very skeptical about these claims. I believe that we have the ability to affect our own energy, so when we believe in any type of treatment we are causing some type of alteration(hopefully good) to our energy field. that in itself can affect healing. (mindweavers)


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