Thanks Charles pain cd working

Hello everyone would like to say I have listened to my pain cd now a few times I am finding it a lot easier to get into it. I think it is a great help when I feel the pain starting now I try and remember and I can block it out better now. Thank you Charles this is a great help SummerThat's great news. It really has had lovely result for so many people. I see there are a lot of anonymous people viewing this. They can view the pain relief hypnosis CD at (charles vald)

Just wanted to let you know Charles I slept well last night for the first time in a long time. Somedays are harder than others but a least I am getting some relief. Even if it is only a little it still helps. Finding myself being able to block pain out better. Thanks again Charles (Summer)

That's lovely news. I am sure you will find you will be getting more and more better nights sleep which in itself will improve your well being. (charles vald)

HI Charles just thought I would let you know I am still listening to my cd for pain. So far I am doing a lot better getting into it. I find I cope better with my pain now than what I used to. But still find it hard to sleep must try a cd for that. Haven't tried snacks cd yet but now I have pain under a little more control I will have a go at it. Thanks again God bless and your work Summer (Summer)

Glad its taking its effect there was a big article in new scientist this week about hypnosis and its magical pain relief properties and how it has been used instead of a general (charles vald)

Hi Charles do you have the article I would love to read it. Maybe you could copy it and post it on boards. Thanks again Summer (Summer)

Slight problem of copyright but I will be writing something soon (charles vald)

really interesting to hear you have found the CD so useful. I was referred to self hypnosis sessions by the pain clinic, but was unable to attend for various reasons. I'll see how I get on with the 'Deep relaxation' cd which I have just ordered 1st. - Katya (blue-kat)

Hi Katya, Welcome to the forum. You are nearly up to ten posts so I am sure you will try it as your free CD Warm regards Charles (charles vald)


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