Why do People Hiccup

Our little baby use to Hiccup all the time. Does anyone know why we Hiccup and how to stop themCharles.. The cause of hiccups is simple: Usually something has triggered involuntary contractions in the diaphragm. You may have swallowed air when you were eating fast for example..for baby feeding quickly will work in the same way.. Gripe water does work..I dont know if it is still sold.. The thing about hiccups is ..they are funny.. :) :) :) :D (Quest)

Gripe water is yummy. (charles vald)

I know one way to stop them. It's a little tricky and you'll probably need help but it's very effective. Have someone plug your ears tightly with their fingers. Then hold your breath and take several sips of water without breathing. By the time you need to breathe, they should be gone. I'm a nurse and we once had a pt in the hospital for uncontrollable hiccups. He was on tranquilizers. This method worked and they sent him home!! Unfortunately, I heard the hiccups came back again. This method is obviously more suited to adults. (mindweavers)


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