Natural Cure for Hayfever

I'm sure you have already heard of taking local honey before hayfever season kicks in but what else have you found that has helped. Me and my wife use a combination of haymax and nasalese. Anyone else have :shock: Any suggestionsWould love to know some natural remedies for itchy and sore eyes. There's only so long you can lie on the couch with cucumber on your eyes. (rachael)

Hello Charles :D Mr BF suffers from hay fever and has yet to find anything that helps long term . . . but then he only takes something when he has symptoms :roll: . . . as with all things I think "prevention is better than cure" and I think it wise to boost the immune system before the hayfever 'season' begins. Rachael . . . Chamomile is really soothing for sore itchy eyes - use chamomile tea bags, make up a weak tea allow to cool and soak some cotton wool and apply to eyes. Hope this helps :? Blue Fairy x (Blue Fairy)

I used to have hay fever very badly and each summer was a misery with itchy eyes and runny nose. I also had a complex about flowers and shrubs - disliking them because of their effect on me. Medications would partly work but only for one year so each time it was a case of trial and error to get relief. Then, and this was after becoming interested in Buddhism, I decided to do something about it. If plants are living beings, it is unhelpful to regard them as enemies... So I simply asked all flowers and shrubs to be my friends and invited the pollen of all grasses, flowers and trees to come into my life - NOT ALL AT ONCE - and told my immune system they were friends and not to be treated like invaders. This has worked pretty well for 4 years now - repeating the above paragraph - in a light meditative state - rather like self hypnosis, I suppose. There have been the occasional exceptions, when I visit a garden or park filled with unfamiliar flowers on a day of high pollen count. This quickly subsides and I am then fine again within a couple of hours. Don't know if it will help anyone else, but it is worth trying. Love and Blessings Joy (JoyB)

Charles and Rach, I will tell Lee about HayMax as it looks very good,he needs something,the usual Zirtek etc don't have a good enough effect any more. A few years ago I had an eye condition which needed steroid treatment and they also gave me for want of a better word "false tears" in little bottles,they are not a natural cure for itchy eyes as such but Lee tried them in hayfever season as I had boxes and boxes of them and he said they were really effective! Ros xx (Ros)

Hello everyone just thought I would tell you that vaseline put across both cheeks and a little on the out side of your nose is very good. This stops the pollen from getting into eyes and nose. My Son is 11 and he is really bad with it. I think it is good because it gives him a little time to run about without having to keep coming in washing his eyes. He also is on meds as well but I don't like to keep put these into him being so young. Bless I wish I had a cure for you all. God Bless Summer (Summer)

JoyB....I think what you did is very much a type of hypnosis. In fact there is an NLP technique out there that follows very much the same pattern. Through disassociation/ association it teaches the immune system to accept the previous allergen as being harmless. Congratulations on discovering your own innate abilities to heal yourself. (mindweavers)

Mindweavers, I'd love to hear more about the NLP technique - it sounds very powerful. wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

thanks a lot for these natural cures was looking a lot for good cures for hayfevers and was very happy to get your post once again thank you (bluefin)


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