Fast Food Hazards!

What are your views on fast food?Fast food.. :( Well the Giants are changing the focus now and this is reactive..for generally the public are increasingly aware of the dangers of regular fast food consumption. I suppose fast food does not have to mean bad food..although my view is that it has been and still is to a significant degree. My view of fast food..not for interest and no desire.. We are blessed with choice and the outlets meet demand..but the energies change now and will continue to do so.. Maybe Healthy Food will become the new Fast Food.... :D :) (Quest)

:oops: Have to admit I still love foods that are considered bad news. Crisps, chips, pizza + all things sweet. I try to only have the 1rst 3 about once a week unless away on holiday but sweet things are more like daily. However the rest of my intake is made up of loads of fruit and vegetables as I am a vetetarian plus nuts and pulses. I would feel the risk to health would be high if junk food, especially fried, fast food were eaten on a daily basisinstead of healthier options. Blessings Joy (JoyB)

Hi there everyone :) , I must admit that I don't really like most fast foods. I always tend to think that because of the way it is prepared (a lot of the stuff is not fresh) then it is much better to just buy the fresh food and cook something for yourself. Of course this takes time and in my case a lot of practise! Having said that I do like crisps and I do like pizza, but homemade pizza can be very good too! (Not that I'm much god at making it!) Do things like the pre-packed meals from supermarkets count as 'fast-food' or are we just talking about going out and getting burgers or something? Love Ailsa XXXXX (Ailsa)

I must admit to being a total hypocrite .......for political and nutrional reasons I'm anti all the fast food giants yet I still go through their doors from time to time driven by hunger and lack of time! (Don't tell my vegetarian feminist friends though!) Cooking is one of my least favourite occupations that's the problem. I'm in a "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" situation! (Linda)

Hi, I have to admit I don't have a problem with "fast food",it serves its purpose,you don't have to eat at McD's every day for example. I do admit to visiting the "golden arches" perhaps once every 2 or 3 months,usually if my older son asks,and seeing as he rarely asks anyway we never refuse! When we do go,he has a plain burger,no cheese or sauces etc,chips,and milk.His choice!! I suppose the thing is,you can cook far unhealthier foods at home can't you! All this food talk has got me wanting to raid the fridge,but I mustn't,the diet is going ok and I must keep going... love, Ros xx (now dreaming of fruit n nut chocolate!) xx (Ros)

Hello Ros, You've made me feel less guilty thanks! Dellia Smith isn't anti Mc D's. after all! It is sad that so many of us are overweight though but we shouldn't put all the blame on the fast food outlets! There is much wrong with the food industry as a whole when you really start looking at it. Whenever I have looked at it I try very hard to do the right thing but it's hard to keep at it. What does make me angry are all the adverts for sweets and chocolate. If the goverment were really worried about the health of the Nation why don't they ban them? Cigarette advertising was banned and cigarette smoking decreased and I assume there was a link? (Linda)

Having been a Pot Noodle junky in my student years, I now cannot stand fast food. I'll eat it occasionally, if there are no other options. It just doesn't taste very good. I do like pizza, sweets, choccies and crisps though :) But, I don't eat them to excess. I think that's where the problem lies, people just eat too much in general. I also think that fast food is unhealthy. I am a veggie and I have had one of those quorn burgers from McD's. The idea of it being healthy seems good, however, in reality it is covered in so much slop (mayo, sweet-chill sauce, burger bun that has millions of preservatives in it so it stays fresh all year). I'm not a health freak, just more aware of the rubbish inside junk food than I used to be in my Pot Noodle days. (Izzy)

I dont have a problem with it as long as my kids dont want to eat it all day every day - they wouldnt get the chance I have to say. I like KFC - mmmmm! (Purple)

The kids I teach once did a survey on their favourite drinks/food. I was surprised to find that they liked very cold tap water the best. Also, when serving drinks at the Christmas party, they all went for the Lucozade or the ice cold water! If I went near them with the Coke they gave me a funny look. They also liked chinese take-away or KFC rather than burgers. I think most kids just want to go to fast food outlets because of the toys you get. I can't blame them, but think it's wrong to entice them with toys. (Izzy)

[color=blue:488940f707] I believe that kids accept what's given to them for a while, then start to question / rebel generally. When 'Wimpy' first came here in the early sixties, I remember going to their newly opened establishment on Streatham High Street with my parents and siblings as a Saturday lunchtime treat. The trip out was better than the food, as I remember (no judgment on Wimpy or anyone else intended). In other words, it was good to get out in a different social setting and the food was incidental. Of course, serving up fast food at home is different and the height of laziness. We've all done it, and occasionally done, it doesn't present an issue. When it's every other night, along with rubbish served up in schools, then it becomes a problem. This problem is already being addressed, certainly by parents and schools, and even by the fast food giants themselves. My best friend / near-perfect moon goddess is very particular about what enters her daughter's digestive system, but occasionally naughty and downright bad stuff goes in. No need to beat oneself up about this. This is a good timely topic as we must be conscious of our routines, food-wise and in other respects. This New Moon period is a good time for a personal review IMHO. J. x[/color:488940f707] (Fruitbat)

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