Can you tickle yourself?

It is supposed to be impossible to tickle yourself Is this true? This is a serious test :lol:Try tickling your feet - does that count? (Delta)

It's not that ticklish when you do it to yourself. It doesn't make you feel like laughing, anyway. (Izzy)

Hi Charles, yes it is true,you cannot tickle yourself,I told my older son this the other day and he tried so hard to make himself laugh...but he didn't! Ros xx (Ros)

Have never heard of this and had never considered it either but yes it appears to be impossible!!! LOL! :lol: (James)

[color=blue:25cdc46a0b] A main constituent of 'tickling' as an art from is the 'surprise attack'. I find it difficult to tickle myself for this reason. However, I continue to surprise myself in other ways... :wink: Always better to tickle someone else in my opinion... :wink: J. x[/color:25cdc46a0b] (Fruitbat)

Hmmm, I thought the reason that tickling was ticklish was to do with tension - the recipient tenses up so it tickles. I don't think you will find that any baby is ticklish - sure they *learn* to giggle about it, probably because we go in expecting them to, but a newborn isn't ticklish - their feet will curl, but they don't laugh at being tickled. So, what I'm rambling about saying, is that you are unlikely to tense yourself up in the same way if you tickle yourself - as FruitBat suggested, it is the element of suprise that makes us tickle. I do however, love the sensation of lightly brushing my skin with the tips of my fingers - that tickles, but not in a way that makes me laugh; it's just pleasant and relaxing. A nurturing kind of tickling...... best be off before I get reported for being freaky :lol: wingsoflove (wingsoflove)


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