Cranberry juice health benefits

Cranberry juice has been in the new a lot recently. And why? Well it seems to be very effective at helping to prevent and clearing up Urinary Tract infections. How does it work? The latest studies seem to suggest it actually stops bacteria from sticking onto your internal organs so they slide out.That is a new to me. It is something I love but had cut back when a friend, also overweight , was told by her Dr to stay off it as it was bad for her heart. Perhaps I will put it back on my shopping list. Blessings Joy (JoyB)

I thought it was good for the heart have a look here (charles vald)

Just typical! There's so much conflicting advice about everything these days! A biologist friend of mine reckons that much medical research can be shown to be flawed for one reason or another. It's very hard for the lay person to sort out what's what. Actually it's probably just as hard for doctors! To refer back to the topic in hand my work collegue swears by cranberry juice for her cystitus, she finds it very effective. (Linda)

Hi Charles,and everyone else... I work in a care centre for brain injured adults,and we use cranberry juice for the one reason that it does help prevent UTI's,it prevents bacteria from sticking to the wall of the bladder,we have used it for years, Ros xx :D (Ros)

Shhh, the Pharmaceutical companies won't like you. :lol: (charles vald)

HAHAHA... I said..."CRANBERRY JUICE IS GOOD FOR YOU,SO THERE!!", Ros xx :wink: (Ros)


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