Macadamia nuts health properties

I was introduced to Macadamia nuts by my wife who is Australian. It is the most popular of Australian Bush Food. They were always a tasty nut to eat but they have a lot of hidden healthy properties. Macadamias containt no cholestrol. The oil contains more monounsaturated fats than even olive oil. In tests its been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the rate of heart disease. Oh and they are very yummy. It works best when eaten with a range of foods as part of a balanced diet.Charles.. Where are these nuts sold please? I have maybe missed them however I have not seen them in any shops.. :D :) (Quest)

Sainsburys, Waitrose, Health Food Shops pretty much anywhere They are large round creamy white and have a smooth texture very yummy great as a replacement for snacky food (charles vald)

Thanks very much Charles.. We shop at Sainsburys and I have never noticed them! I will try these soon... :D :) :) (Quest)

I have never heard of these so will look out for some next time I go shopping. Being a vegetarian I can do with some new ideas for healthy foods. I have got lazy and just stick to familiar items when shopping. This week I am being especially lazy as my mother has gone into respite care for 10 days. So no regular mealtimes and no clock watching unless I am going out. No being called at might and biggest treat of all, I can go out of the house without needing to be back within an hour or so. I can have picnics and go for walks just as I choose !!!! Love and smiles Joy (JoyB)

Joy.. The nuts are wonderful.. We found them in Sainsburys..hidden away a bit...they were in small prepacked wraps.. One packet will last a few days if you munch a few now and again.. The texture and the subtle taste is lovely.. Len :) (Quest)

Found them yesterday in a health food shop. I agree they are delicious - however it sure was an expensive tryout. I never bother to take my glasses when shopping - I do use them for reading and for computer use. Anyway there they were at the back of a darkish shelf, so I just grabbed a packet, paid and left. After a few yards I put my hand in my pocket, opened the pack and shoved one in my mouth. My taste buds exploded as they were coated in salt!! I used to love salted cashews but haven' eaten them in years. So back I went and asked for a plain pack, paid again and put them in my bag. On the way home I stopped for petrol and when I pulled out my purse, I must have split the packet of nuts as they came out too over the shop floor. Not all thank goodness, but I hate waste, especially of expensive items. Tried to persuade the dog to eat them, but she is very suspicious of new things and reacted as if they were highly toxic. Good thing in a way as she will not want to share the rest of them. Love and smiles Joy Before (JoyB)

I'm sorry Joy, but your post has made me laugh this morning. Hopefully next time it wont be quite so expensive. I can't believe your dog turned his nose up at them! :D If you want a truely indulgent, non healthy option with the mac nuts try chocolate coated ones. Yummmmmmmy :lol: Rach (rachael)

Lidl sell roasted macadamia nuts, which I think are also salted :? heating them at high temperatures may alter the beneficial properties of the oils. I was planning to rinse the salt off before using them, and admit to being slightly put off macadamia nuts by the high calorie count. sometime soon - before they go out of date ! - I am planning to try a recipe for veggie burgers made from macadamias and feta cheese - an experiment ! - Katya (blue-kat)


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