Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day?

This rumour seems to have come from companies wanting to sell bottled water. We all need to drink water and your body tells you when you are thirsty and yes some people do seem to need to drink more water than others but the 8 glasses as far as I know comes from know real scientific facts What are your thoughts?Wasn't there something about this on telly? They did a study with twins where they did a lot of tests on skin, hair, weight etc, then got one to drink 8 glasses a day and another to just drink her usual 4. It was surprising, but no change was recorded. we do need to drink water, but it made me think about the 8 glasses recommendation. Rach (rachael)

Over what period of time did they study the twins. What changes were they tracking? Were both twins exposed to the same environmentals? Working as many of us do in air-conditioned buildings, the environment has a drying effect. Drinking plenty of water is recommended to over come this. I doubt that water companies are on a get rich scheme - it seems to me that they can't cope with existing demand - let alone trying to generate more. A quick search on MSN search finds a number of non-sponsored sites advocating drinking plenty of water - backed up by medical research. Couple of quotes: "Medical research has shown that regular water intake will help eliminate dyspeptic pains like gastritis, duodenitis, and heartburn" and "The body is 75% water and 25% solid matter. The body needs to stay hydrated to operate at its best." finally "Your brain tissue is 85% water. Brain functions rely heavily on an ample water supply" A more interesting question would be the benefits of bottled water versus filtered versus tap water... (Anonymous)

We all need to drink water and it is very important not to dehyrate, its just the amount. Find a single scientific study that states 8 glasses of water. (charles vald)

I think that you take in what your body needs. I only drink about 2-3 glasses of squash a day and take sips of drinks when I feel thirsty. Often I feel that I only need to wet my mouth. I don't feel any ill effects and I am rarely ill. The only side effect is that if I drink less than 2-3 glasses a day I wake up in the night and need to get a drink. I think, just like food, you should take in what your body tells you to. If you are thirsty - drink, if you aren't thirsty your body will get rid of the water you don't require. If I drank 8 glasses of water a day I would feel very bloated and want to go to the toilet all the time! I did try drinking lots once but just felt uncomfortable. I also saw the twins documentary. I think they had the same kind of life style. (Izzy)

[b:4b3d149599][i:4b3d149599] Hi Everyone, I recently had this discussion with my GP. He suggested the following: The 8 glasses need not just be glasses of plain water. Squash , herbal tea, fruit juices, and smoothies all contain water. Fruit, leafy veg, and salad leaves are all mostly water. He also suggested I could include the water I used to make my porrige in the morning. So my porrige, herbal tea and apple for breakfast could be counted as 3 glasses of water. He did say it was important to cut down on salt in food as that lead to the body holding water and made you feel bloated. Pregnant women must also discuss water intake with a medical proffessional as too much can damage the unborn child. I hope this helps. Blessings, SKYDANCER X [/i:4b3d149599][/b:4b3d149599] (SKYDANCER)

Hello Sky Dancer, But all food has water in it, why 8 glasses rather than 9 or 7. Where did the figure come from. (charles vald)

To be honest, I had not heard of the 8 glass theory. To me it is rather like saying 8 pieces of string! In the house we have at least half a dozen different size glasses, 8 of the smallest would not fill 1 of the largest !! I had heard 2 litres a day and it had to be water, tap or bottled. Everything else has additives of some kind. Howevermuch we like fruit juice, squash, tea etc, we would not think of washing ourselves with them. I aim for at least 1 litre a day and in hot weather or in a centrally heated atmosphere or when giving hands on healing treatments this is easily doubled Blessings to all Joy (JoyB)

Hello Charles Vald :D This is an interesting question and even health professionals seem unable to source the origins, there seem to be many theories but no solid factual basis! :shock: You may be interested to read this: [url]http://www.snopes.com/toxins/water.htm[/url] In general terms tuning into and listening to your body . . . recognising the bodies various thirst signals and drinking when required will keep you ticking along healthily . . . although therein is another poser, I remember seeing an experiment on TV some years ago conducted by a health professional who said that when the body is thirsty it is usually at a critical point in the dehydration process! :roll: I recommend in all things to take only what feels intuitively right for you from any advice given and find balance. :) Blue Fairy (Blue Fairy)

Welcime Blue Fairy and thanks for that. It does seem to confirm that we don't all need 8 glasses (charles vald)

I think it's possible to OD on water. Not sure what the fatal dose is but I seem to remember a story about some religious cult or other who's members all got very ill and one or two died from drinking too much water all at once. I have a feeling it happened in Lowestoft of all places. I may have got the wrong end of the stick though! Memory can play funny tricks! Either way I think we're back to using our common sense. With so many different sizes and shapes of bodies around I don't see how one "recommended" dose can hold true for all! (Linda)

I feel the eight glasses is simply a point of focus. I doubt it there is any study that suggests this desirable.. What is desirable is that we hydrate properly..and given the recent warm weather I suspect most of us have got rather thirsty... I am sure most of us will have increased our intake of fluids. Alchohol dehydrates the body..the well known glass of water before retiring helps counteract this..possibly helping us sleep better and wake feeling more alert.. There can be no hard and fast rules..as long as we are aware that we do need water every day and drink as much as we feel we need we should be okay.. (Quest)

Hi, I try to drink 2 litres of water a day now,it helps with the hunger pangs and now I am used to it I have noticed that I no longer get the bad headaches I used to get,even on a nightshift,excellent! Linda I seem to remember reading that people have died from excess water consumption and I think it was in my husband's magazine a while back,Mens Health magazine. Ros xx (Ros)

So I wasn't dreaming it then! Actually I have been making a conscious effort to drink more water. Water has always been my preferred drink but I often used to ignore being thirsty. Now I acknowledge it and I do feel better for drinking more. It's so much easier now that a water cooler has been installed at work as the tap water isn't very nice! As you say it does also help with hunger pangs and with a bit of imagination (actually quite a lot :D ) it can even taste as good as chocolate! (Linda)

My wife only drinks water - she always has done. She has a lot of sparkling water but also loves the plain tap stuff. Schools now offer water for kids in bottles to sip all day which I think is great - I work in school - and it has been shown that it helps with concentration. (James)

[quote:034309dadb="charles vald"]We all need to drink water and your body tells you when you are thirsty [/quote:034309dadb] My belief is that once you are thirsty you have gone *way* beyond your body's comfort zone. We have access to so much food and drink in the Western world that we have confused hunger with thirst and rarely get true thirst signals anymore. I have gotten clients to drink a glass of water when they have felt hungry and I would say that 80% of them have discovered they are in fact in need of hydration. If you're still hungry after the water, then you really are hungry and should eat! To tell someone to drink 8 glasses of water is useless information; if it is hot and humid, if you have been exercising, if you drink dehydrating drinks such as tea, squash and coffee, if you work in air conditioning or outside on the land, if you are nursing a baby your requirments will be different. It's a ball-part figure that means very little...... We are all individuals with individual needs. wingsoflove (wingsoflove)


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