Healthy Snack Recipes

I always have trouble with this. Anyone know any yummy, quick recipes? Here's mine (yummy, but not quick) Feta and butternut squash salad skin and dice butternut squash. Par boil it and then roast in the oven until golden brown. Make a salad with- your fave type of lettuce celery spring onion cherry tomatoes Feta cheese Toast some macadamia nuts in the oven, add to salad Put it all together and eat. You can add a dressing of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice and mustard if you need a bit extraBuy some fresh Ciabatta bread Put a generous amount of olive oil in a bowl and add a drop of balsamic vineger. Dip a chunk of bread into the bowl and eat. A yummy healthy snack (charles vald)

Favourite recipe --and quick and easy Flake smoked mackerel ( i prefer the peppered kind ) into a bowl of creme fraiche (low fat if need be), Add masses off freshly chopped parsley, Mix well Season and pile onto hot pasta or cold salad leaves Top with generous squeeze of lemon AB FAB (magsdom)

Mags, I was about to post similar recipe!! Flaked smoked mackerel,added to cooked cold pasta,chopped tomatoes,peppers and a can of sweetcorn..mmmmmm NICE!! Ros xx (Ros)

Perfect recipes for a healthy snack


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