Hours of sleep Needed?

On a work night I sleep 7-8 hours. In the holidays or at the weekend, I sleep about 9 hours. I also have a nap every day after work! I need to nap when I feel tired, sometimes 1-2 times a day. I think it may just be a bad habit, though. 7-8 hours definitely isn't enough for me. (Izzy)

They say the older you get the less sleep you need. The older you get the more likely you are to wake up during your sleep. However you normally don't remember waking up during your sleep. (charles vald)

About 8 is my ideal, but I rarely get it. Being a carer I am often woken several times a night by my mother. As it can take a long time for me to get back to sleep and only a short while before I am called again. I get very irritable when it gets to 4-5 hrs sleep. However when I am alone and get my 8 hrs - I soon rebound and feel good and well balanced. In winter it would be more with dark mornings and less in summer when it is a bright sunny morning. Blessings Joy (JoyB)

Sleep is a real problem for me. Very often I only get about four hours and I'm doing well if I get 6 off and on. I'd love to be able to get 8 hours, preferably unbroken, just to see what it's like! I'm reluctant to take sleeping tablets although I have done from time to time. I've tried the usual alternative therapies but they don't seem to work either. The problem is waking up frequently and/or too early. I'm not expecting any of you to have a magic answer but I do feel that I'm far from being alone and that it's a big problem for many people. I'm convinced that many people in this day and age and for many divers reasons do not get enough sleep and that it could be a contributary factor in a lot of our society's problems. (Linda)

Sleep is always a fascinating area. We all wake up in our sleep and this seems to happen more often as you get older, again the number of hours you sleep seems to reduce as you get older as well. Why, I don't know. Linda what happens when you wake up, can you still relax or does mind dwell on things, like trying to get back to sleep Charles (charles vald)

Good Morning Charles, I've always woken up a lot so I don't think it's just because I'm getting older, although no doubt it doesn't help :(. Sometimes I do get off to sleep again and sometimes I'm mulling over worries but more often than not it's just a case of "stuck needle syndrome" when my brain is just revolving around inconsequential trivial thoughts ....... so annoying! If it goes on too long I give up and do a crossword or read. Just once I took Paul Mckenna's advice and got up to do the ironing, the basic thinking behind that being that if your brain knows that wakefullenss equals horrible jobs it will stay asleep! Silly me I like the ironing! What's really annoying is that I quite often fall asleep quickly and wake up after less than an hour convinced it's already morning so of course I'm well and truly in awake mode (or at least my version of it!) and then it's even harder to fall back to sleep! (Linda)

I'm not sure if you have tried my hypnosis sleep cd which has helped many. Alternatively learn self hypnosis. If you then wake up you can simply get yourself into a very relaxed calm state which is as close to sleep as you can get, if you then fall asleep that's great and if you don't well it doesn't matter your relaxed and recharging feeling refreshed when you wake up. (charles vald)

Hello Charles, I've not tried your hynosis CD for sleep or anyone elses for that matter. Having seen excellent resutls from hynotherapy in other people (for other problems) I know it works. However when it comes to applying it to myself as soon as I hear the voice tellling me to relax that's the last thing I can do and then I get cross because I can't so the whole thing becomes counter productive. This makes me sad like I'm missing out on something that could be so helpful. That I haven't totally given up is evidenced by the fact I've come onto this forum! One reason I've not tried your sleep CD is that I thought you had to listen through headphones and the fact I was wearing headphones would be another barrier to getting to sleep if you see what I mean. :? (Linda)

No you don't need headphones and you can get a free copy with 3 more posts. As you know the first 20 people to post 10 times get a free CD from my site Here is the link http://www.hypnosishealthcare.com/insomnia.html Warm regards Charles (charles vald)

I work shifts.. these are known to disrupt sleeping patterns. Early shifts find me getting up at 4.00am...usually without the alarm..late shifts which are 2.00-10.00pm find me getting up at about 7.00am..and nights well I tend to get up at midday more or less.. This gives me..early shifts..five to six hours..late shift..seven hours..night shift..five to six hours sleep. This is not really enough as I usually wake tired..however I do sometimes on early or night shifts cat nap for half an hour if I am very sleepy.. Weekend sleep pattern finds me getting up at between 6.00am and 7.00am.. As far as the poll goes..if we were able to indicate our age groups we could 'prove or disprove' our sleep patterns requirements relative to age. ..although of course the number of votes would need to be significantly more to attract credibility. (Quest)

Hello everyone, If I manage six hours I've done well. I usually wake up half a dozen times during the night. I've tried all manner of methods to stay asleep (including red wine..!) but they rarely work. If I find myself a passenger in a car during the day, that's it... out like a light..! Occasionally I've tried excessive exercise to tire myself out but I find that it rejuvenates rather than fatigues. I can't win. (rosencrantz)

I used to thrive on 6 hours a night of sleep, now I need 9! That's been since having a child. I don't feel like I've ever gotten over those first couple of years of sleepless nights (breastfeeding on demand too, to a gal with a hearty appetite!) I'd dearly love to get back to thriving on fewer hours a night. I dream so much too - every morning I can remember at least 3 different dreams; so sometimes I feel as if I have never slept. Sometimes my dreams are full of emotional content, so I feel absolutely exhausted the next day - anyone have any thoughts on that? wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

I get about 5 - 6 hrs a night and find it takes ages to get to sleep - I definately need more and when on holiday or without children and left to sleep until I naturally wake I seem to have 9-10 hours. I have always needed a lot of sleep but have not got enough for years now. I could nap every afternoon but often dont get the chance. If it gets really bad with many nights of little sleep and no afternoon nap for a week or so then I am literally tearful with needing sleep. I can drop off in minutes in the day if I lie down but it takes hours at night sometimes. :( (Purple)

[color=blue:75a7a2b928]Hello, I'm Fruitbat - new to this forum. I see a lot of people here being judgmental about themselves. It strikes me that you're all caring, loving people, so my only advice is - don't be self-critical and don't worry. I used to worry about my 'lack of sleep' because so many others were telling me it should be a problem. As soon as I accepted that it was OK to go to bed at 11, lay awake until 12, sleep until 3, wake up for an hour, then sleep on and off until 6:30, all my problems disappeared. I was no longer worried about 'not sleeping' and 'only getting 5 hours sleep' and, as a result, no longer convinced myself to feel tired or worried in the morning. I understood that I got exactly what I needed and it was OK! Try the 'mind shift' to acceptance - you might find it solves *your* problem. With love, Fruitbat[/color:75a7a2b928] (Fruitbat)

I must do that then as i feel tired a lot and convince myself I have not had enough sleep. Will give it a go! (James)

If a few more of hours of sleep is needed, have a look at my Good Nights Sleep CD


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