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All the work has been composed by myself.

Perfect Breathing    Play Track 1 - Breathe with Chimes - Meditation Relaxation Health
Learn Slow Breathing for Meditation and Relaxation, Breathe with the Music.

Nature Speaks    Play Track 1 - Relaxation Meditation Reiki
A CD originally created for Yoga also used in Meditation and Relaxation. A music of gentle warmth. This album took over 4 months to compose, please click on the web link to listen to the other tracks.

Laughter CD    Play Track 1 - Health
Whatever your age this will make you laugh. From Child to Adult. Visit the link to read the health benefits of this remarkable CD. Used by many therapists, including of course laughter therapists.

Music of the Chakras    Play Track 1 - Meditation
A music track composed in the emotional and musical key of each Chakra for a healing meditation. More tracks can be heard through the link. Audio demonstration above is for the Base/Root Chakra.

Vibration of the Soul - Singing Bowls     Play Track 1 - Meditation Relaxation Reiki
A remarkable album composed with the extraordinary properties of the singing bowl. Listen and feel its calming effects. More tracks can be heard through the link

Breath of Time 3    Play Track 1 - Hypnosis Meditation Relaxation Reiki Health
Breathe in and Out with the Chimes. Alpha Wave Enhanced. 4 breathing rates. Try it now, reduce your blood pressure in minutes through the simple act of slow breathing.

The Nature of Relaxation - Piano Music    Play Track 1 - Relaxation Royalty Free
Calming Relaxing Piano Music, 4 tracks that are 15 minutes in length and Royalty Free

Baby Sleep Gentle Nature    Play Track 1 - Relaxation Meditation Nature
CD to help babies sleep at night, also effective as a gentle masker for meditation.

Wind Chimes - Nature CD    Play Track 1 - Meditation Nature
CD to help babies sleep at night, also effective as a gentle masker for meditation.

Beauty of Life    Play Track 1 - Hypnosis Meditation Relaxation
This music can be found on my hypnosis CDs. It was one of the first albums I composed.
It is not royalty free but perfect for 1 to 1 hypnosis induction, therapy with patients, gentle relaxation and meditation.

Gentle Shimmer    Play Track 1 - Hypnosis Royalty Free Relaxation Meditation Reiki
Relaxing 60 minute track covering higher frequency sound waves with lower tones from the remarkable didgeridoo. Available in MP3 format at a special offer price.

Reiki Ongaku    Play Track 1 - Reiki
Relaxing natural tracks that are 3 minutes in length to match the three minute placing of hands periods. More tracks can be heard on the link.

Reiki Nature    Play Track 1 - Reiki
Relaxing natural tracks that are 3 minutes in length to match the three minute placing of hands periods. More tracks can be heard on the link.

Music of Life - Fractal Music created from Nature    Play Track 1 - Reiki Relaxation
Music composed generated the mathematics of nature all around us. More music demonstrations available through the web link. A fantastic unique CD.

Steps of Movement    Play Track 1 - Relaxation
Tai-Chi Yoga Music at 30 second intervals and 15 second intervals for the perfect movements.

Instrumental Meditation    Play Track 1 - Hypnosis Relaxation Meditation Royalty Free
Instrumental Meditation - using some of the oldest instruments I could find, a very special album 60 minutes in length.

Silk Blanket    Play Track 1 - Hypnosis Relaxation Meditation Royalty Free
A 60 minute track of pure calmness. You must listen to this Album.

Breath of Time 2    Play Track 1 - Hypnosis Meditation Royalty Free
Same as Breath of Time 3, but only 2 breathing patterns, royalty free version is available.

Sounds of Pi    Play Track 1 - Meditation Royalty Free
The number PI translated into notes, to help master a unique meditative experience.

Breathing Chimes     - Meditation Health
Created on request. Same as Breath of Time 3, only chimes no music.

Sound of the Ocean Waves    Play Track - Meditation Nature Relaxation Hypnosis
60 minutes of the healing sounds of the ocean wave.

Sounds of the Beach    Play Track - Meditation Nature Relaxation
60 minutes of the sounds of the Ocean with seagulls.

Cracking Fire    Play Track - Meditation Nature Relaxation
The definitive sound of crackling fire, used by many as a replacement of the real thing in their living room.

Gentle Sound of the River    Play Track - Meditation Nature Relaxation
The natural sound of water going downstream

Wildlife by the River    Play Track - Nature Relaxation
Sounds of river wildlife captured on CD by the river.

Sound of the Birds    Play Track - Nature Relaxation
The gentle sound of birds, used by many canary and parrot lovers.

Sounds of the Thunderstorm    Play Track - Nature Relaxation
3D sound enhanced, rain with rolling thunder, will work with or without subwoofer. The best thunderstorm sound you will ever find.

Sound of the Rain    Play Track - Nature
Simple gentle rain.

Sounds of the Night    Play Track - Nature
At night, new and exciting sounds emerge from the forest.

Sounds of the Wind    Play Track - Nature
The powerful sound of nature through the wind.

Music for Massage    Play Track 1 - Relaxation
Music designed for slow massage.

Depths of Meditation    Play Track 1 - Meditation
The chimes slows down through the meditation and then gently increase again at the end of the album.

Musacise - Aerobic Music     Health
Aerobic Music at a special offer price on MP3 download click on link for numerous audio demonstrations.

Free Metronome to Download     Health
Metronome at different tempos.

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