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When you are relaxed and calm your heart rate slows down.

The effects are similar to when you breathe deeply.

This is because when you are breathing deeply you are normally in a
relaxed situation.

The heart rate is effected by many things including

  • Diet.

  • Fitness Level

  • Stress

  • Illnesses

  • The average heart rate of an adult is around 70 beats per minute, for children and babies it is faster.

    Deep breathing can help slow your heartbeat, making the heart work more effectively to pump blood around the body.

    Listen to the audio demonstration of one of my CDs. Simply measure your heart beat and blood pressure before and after the demonstration. Notice the wonderful effects.

    Breath of Time 3 - Slow Breathing Relaxation

    Slow, deep breathing is not difficult and as a lifestyle change it can make a big difference as you feel calmer in stressful situations and more in control.

    When deep breathing, make sure to breathe only through your nose.

    Deep Breathing can also be produced through my Hypnosis Deep Relaxation CD

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