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Client/patient confidentially must be observed at all times. However, it is acknowledged that the sharing of information with professional colleagues may be necessary. In this case the clients anonymity must be safeguarded.

BIH members have responsibility for their clients' needs and rights, promoting integrity, equanimity, understanding and compassion. Familiar with the obligations under the Mental Health Act, 1983.

All members must be aware they have a duty to put the welfare of their clients first, and this includes working within the boundaries of their own competence.

Members shall not abuse the trust placed in them by a person seeking their assistance by being a part of, or conditioning, any behaviour which is likely to be construed as taking advantage of their position for financial rewards, sexual favour or personal gratification, or which is any other way likely to cause distress.

All members must be aware of the importance of ongoing study and self improvements in order to maintain a level of competence.

It is expect all members conduct their business in a way in which is professional and beyond reproach. This includes :-

A) ensuring premises are suitable for the safety and well being of the client, together with any third party who may accompany them, and any obligations they may have under the Health and Safety At Work Act of 1974.

B) members must be covered by an appropriate insurance policy for public liability and professional indemnity.

C) all advertising must fall within the British Advertising Standards Authority guidelines. All leaflets, brochures, statements, etc may only make claims about qualifications specific to the field which are accredited and can be substantiated and may not make exaggerated or misleading claims about treatment.

No member may take part in, or condone the use of, practice hypnosis for the entertainment of the public, for example, stage hypnosis or cabaret hypnosis. However the use of hypnosis in a clinical or lecture demonstration or where its use is purely to demonstrate its value in therapy is acceptable.

Particular care must be exercised when dealing with persons under the age of 16. Where possible, the consent of a parent should be sought. If, due to the nature of the complaint, this is not practical, then another senior member of the family, or someone of appropriate standing outside the family should be approached.

Members must keep adequate records, but in a way that safeguards the confidentiality of the therapist/client relationship and must comply with the data protection act of 1986

No member may practice if it is considered that their judgment may be impaired through the use of drugs or alcohol, or if their mental states is such that they require extensive treatment with drug therapy, or regular periods of hospitalisation

Membership shall cease if as a result of legal proceedings, a member is convicted of a criminal offence (other than traffic offences)

No member may discriminate against a client on the grounds of race, colour, gender, sex, political beliefs, religious beliefs, social standing or handicap.

It is expressly forbidden to use membership of the BIH, in itself as a qualification to practice

All members should work within a spirit of respect and co-operation with all members of the caring professions.

A copy of the code of practice must be kept in the workplace and be available for inspection.

Any member who has a complaint leveled against them by a member of the public must immediately inform the BIH, in confidence, stating the nature of the complaint and also the parties involved.

In keeping with some other organisations the BIH has its own complaint procedure. All information received is treated in the strictest confidence. In the event of a breach of the code of practice, the BIH reserves the right to enforce the principles of this document by making any inquiries necessary to establish the validity of the complaint, to encourage the dialogue required to achieve an outcome that satisfies the needs of all parties in a fair and just manner, and instigate disciplinary action where appropriate.

If you are unhappy with your product for any reason we offer full refunds.
  • Adherence to all relevant UK And EU laws with further benefits such as a 14 day 'cooling off' period
  • Total privacy of personal data and security of credit card handling
  • Clear presentation of all costs including delivery charges
  • Effective communication systems with name and address and contact phone number

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