There are many people selling many magical cures for tinnitus.

Maybe you have you tried some sort of herbal tinnitus treatment pill off the web?

You know they don't work but you are desperate to find a way to make that noise calm down.

I cannot offer a cure, I can however offer for many the next best thing.

Quick and simple to use.

Tinnitus Relief in the comfort of your own home at a price all can afford and that works.

Customer Reviews

"I suffered from Tinnitus for 4 months this winter and the noise in my right ear was making me really depressed and wondering if I could cope with constant noise in my head. I bought the CD off the internet from Charles.

After the first session of using the CD the volume of the sound decreased and after three other sessions the noise just does not bother me anymore.

I now feel like I am back to being me again and although I am on a waiting list to see what is causing the tinnitus I am nor worried or anxious anymore. For the low cost of the CD it is worth trying it to see if it helps you too." - Sara

Just a brief email to let you know that your tinnitus CD has been working very well for me. I probably use it a couple of times a week, just before bed, and I have been far less aware of the tinnitus over the last month or so. In fact some days, it hardly seems to be there at all (and I have to physically listen for it, which I know I shouldn't do!). I'm now positive that the perception of the loudness of the tinnitus is intricately related to anxiety. I didn't really think that I was all that worried about it before, but it was obviously more of a subconscious worry/concern than I'd realised, and since having played the CD a few times a week, my brain must be seeing it as far less of a threat, and as a result I have habituated completely to the (now rapidly decreasing) sound. Thank you for producing this wonderful product and I hope that you go on to help many more people with this condition - Nick

This is NOT a cure, in fact Charles states that, I do believe from the bottom of my heart that it has helped me get used to my Tinnitus. - Adam , London

My name is Charles Vald. I am a hypnotherapist with the British Institute of Hypnotherapy.

I have done extensive research into Tinnitus and trials demonstrating how hypnosis can help relieve the symptoms of this frustrating condition.

View my Tinnitus Relief CD and Guide

What I offer is not a magical cure but mechanisms that have helped many to cope with their Tinnitus.

I will also be giving you free email support and advice including tips that will help depending on the type of tinnitus you have.

There are many causes for Tinnitus, so after finding information about your specific Tinnitus condition, I give you specific advice to help.

As you know it is vital to see an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) to find if possible the cause and hopefully be treated.

I am not a doctor but because I have spoken to so many Tinnitus patients, I have been able to point a lot of Tinnitus patients in the right direction of the cause of their Tinnitus and sometimes the solution.

Knowing the cause helps treat the problem.

I've helped hundreds of Tinnitus patients and can use their knowledge to help you.

The people who know most about Tinnitus in many cases are the patients themselves.

Studies about herbal pills/tables for tinnitus are shown at the bottom of the page, the results show they do not help.

I would also suggest you avoid ear candle wax, it can for some make their tinnitus worse. Removing ear wax should only be done by a doctor.

I will be teaching you mechanisms to sleep, to relax, and most importantly to ignore that tinnitus sound. This Tinnitus treatment has had wonderful results for many have a look at my genuine testimonials for tinnitus treatment

As I am sure you are aware it is very hard to ignore your Tinnitus, even talking about it increases your focal awareness, but it is possible through hypnosis to calm your awareness. Not to make the sound go away but to learn to ignore it in a similar way that you are ignoring the sound of your computer fan buzzing away.

Now that i have made you aware of the computer sound you will most likely focus on that sound for a while. In the same way you do not normally notice the computer fan, we can help retrain your mind to quickly ignore the Tinnitus.

Hypnosis is a state similar to falling asleep. You are always full aware, you do not lose control and can wake up whenever you wish to.

It is not dangerous, in fact the worse thing that can happen is that you fall asleep and wake up a bit later on. For many Tinnitus patients who have had sleepless nights, they are more than happy to do this.

Certain types of Tinnitus can be treated and if I feel that this might be the case for you I will recommend you go back to your doctor to get a referral.

View my Tinnitus Relief CD and Guide

Hypnosis might worry some patients. The feeling of being hypnotised is similar to the first stages of falling asleep. The worst thing that can happen when using the tinnitus CD is you fall asleep. Please contact me with additional questions.

You can find my Articles in

Tinnitus Focus - RNID Charity Tinnitus Helpline Newsletter

Action for Tinnitus Research Journal.

I have been guest speaker at Tinnitus Associations.

View my Tinnitus Relief CD and Guide

Below is more information for tinnitus sufferers that you might find of use.

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Tinnitus Hypnosis Relief CD and Guide

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