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I have spent many hours researching and learning about Tinnitus, because of this many hypnotherapists around the world come to me for practical help and advice.

This CD is designed to help calm, reducing your tinnitus awareness, helping you to habituate to the noise within days.

Simply play the CD at home and be amazed by the results

As well as the CD you will be given important email support and advice to help with your own Tinnitus condition, depending on the type of tinnitus you have, the treatment of it might be different.

I have helped patients with hearing loss related Tinnitus, TMJ , sinus, pulsatile, pressure, virus related and many more ailments relating to Tinnitus. Any questions please contact me.

Customer Reviews

The CD came, and it is helping me quite a lot!
My most pressing problem, and my first goal with the T is getting to sleep and getting back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night. The CD is helping with both issues. The first night I used it, it put me to sleep almost immediately! Twice now, when I've awakened at 3:00 a.m., I've been able to use it to get back to sleep. This has been so critical, since I have to wake up and be sharp by 5:00 a.m. I absolutely did not want to get into taking what I consider to be wierd sleeping meds, and it looks like I will not need to.
Being able to handle the T means everything to me, as I enjoy my job, and I just don't want to have any problems with my attendance. Goal number two with me is learning not to percieve the T as threatening. I think it's working, because I'm not getting that knot in my stomach during the day as much as I was, and I'm noticing the T less at work and during quiet times at home. The nature sound CD of yours and my own music are helping me at home. I can't thank you enough! I took the CD to my tinnitus support group meeting last night in Voorhees, New Jersey, and I described how well it's working for me to the group. People were impressed, and enthusiastic.
Thank you so much - J Fairhurst

This is NOT a cure, in fact Charles states that, but I do believe from the bottom of my heart that it has helped me get used to my T. I have had a fabulous few months. The t is blaring away a lot of the time, but I'm really not too bothered about most of the time. Interestingly I have had quiet days lasting as long as 3 days in a row. I've never had these before. I have had bad days (11 on a scale of 1-10) where I suddenly realise that I haven't heard my t and have to search for it. I am making some serious progress. Even my CB therapist is impressed with the progress. What used to be fortnightly and then monthly sessions has now stopped. Is all this progress down to Charles? No of course not. Have his techniques helped speed things up? Yes, "I" believe so. - Adam, London UK

"Charles, I keep forgetting to write to you...
I have been extremely lazy and i have to admit that I have only used your CD once! The day I got it though, I was keen and put it in and did as it said, followed the instructions, etc.. However, here is how I felt after using it that one time: After listening to it I felt like I wanted to just curl up and go to sleep. There were no noticeable effects immediately and I put the CD aside & carried on with my life in the normal fashion. The next day I woke up after a really really good sleep and just did the normal things I do day to day. I did not even give the CD a second thought and it wasn't until about 2 or 3 days later when I noticed the CD on my desk, I realised that the constant ringing noise had not been bothering me since I woke up that morning after listening to your CD. It's a very odd thing because it is still there to an extent, but I am switched off to the ringing sound. It's only when I consciously think about it that I kind of start to notice it but even now, 2 months after getting the CD I have still only played it through once but it did the job and I know if I played it through more I would get more benefit from it. John, New South Wales."

"Dear Charles,
Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you for doing something for me that has not been possible for about 70 years or so. As you now know, I am 79 years (very) old and this is the first time in my life that I have learnt and can be RELAXED as taught by you. This is not only a miracle but also impossible and I like the feeling very much. I did not realise that I could Self Hypnotise to be so relaxed and so quickly now. Again many thanks. Regarding the effects of your further help regarding my Tinnitus, the CD has turned out to be extremely helpful. I have stopped taking my sleeping pills. Thank you for changing my life.
Yours sincerely (I.Schogger)" - London,UK

"I really enjoy the Calming Tinnitus CD. It helps me not feel so uptight and nervous about my tinnitus. When I feel relax from the CD my tinnitus doesn't bother me as much as it does when I am uptight about it." - B. Selberg, Faribault - USA

I can honestly say that now, after several weeks, my tinnitus has gone from an 8 (1-10 scale) to about a 2 or 1. The basis for this is, I believe, re-training the subconscious to discriminate those sounds deemed to be threatening versus non-threatening. In the process, the conscious mind experiences less notice of the tones.

Obviously, one can bring back the tinnitus by concentrating on it (searching for it). However, by causing the conscious mind to relax its "grip" on searching for the non-threatening sounds, relief is achieved. Thank you - John Zaleski"

The CD will help relax you and teach you how to relax yourself.

Most importantly, it will teach you how to reduce your awareness.

What makes this product so different to any other CD on the market, is that you will be given email support to help manage your tinnitus.

You might be interested to hear the history of how I started helping patients with Tinnitus

You can even find my Tinnitus articles in the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, Action for Tinnitus Research Journals.

"I am not worried or anxious anymore!"

Hypnosis is very similar to the feeling when you fall asleep you are always aware. For many Tinnitus patients sleep is exactly what they want.

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