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Breath of Time Breath of Time    
This is the royalty free version second edition of this Alpha Wave Enhanced Breathing CD.

If you are after the cheaper version for personal use, simply click on this link Breath of Time 3 - Lower Blood Pressure

This CD teaches slow breathing during the session.

The background sound of bells on this CD tells you when to breath in and then out again.

Perfect for meditation and breathing exercises.

This CD contains two, thirty minute tracks (one at 5 breaths per minute the other at 3 breaths per minute) perfect for deep relaxation. The tracks have the same music with different chime/breathing patterns.

Alpha waves occur when you are relaxed, not thinking. It is a wonderful feeling of "floating". This is produced during meditation and hypnosis. Alpha waves oscillate between 9 and 13 times per second.

Theta Waves are found in states of deep relaxation. Theta activity is also associated with creativity, learning and vivid imagery. It is also found in advanced meditation. Theta waves oscillate between 4 and 8 times per second.

Delta Waves are the slowest brainwave we produce. It can occur during deep dreamless sleep and can also appear during the deepest of meditations. Deta waves oscillate between 1 and 3 Hz.

What you can do with this royalty free CD?

You can use the tracks in group sessions, seminars, conferences, or as backing for your own voice on your own commercial CDs without paying any additional license fees.

What you cannot do with this royalty free CD?

You cannot take samples from this CDs or sell them with only the music/variation of the music and no voice over.

This CD works in the most soothing natural way. When you relax and slow down your breathing, your brain responds dramatically. Deep breaths increases oxygen flow to the brain. Ideal for meditation, making this the ultimate meditation music.

The Enhanced Sound of the Trickle of water on the CD (water being the most natural calming sound to the ear) helps your brain gently emit alpha waves, while at the same time the chimes teaching you to slow breath (see below). The ambient sounds are uniquely designed to cover the most relaxing of mid range audio frequencies, inducing Theta and at 3 breaths per minute (second track) also Delta waves.

Breath of Time 2 is now available as part of a 3 CD set special offer Royalty free Hypnosis/Meditation Set

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